Andy Alexandre

Originating from Haiti, Andy Alexandre, found a profound love for cooking and sharing food in the midst of his childhood—whether it was eating the food that was being prepared at home, seeing women from farmer families make their way to the local market, or the street hawkers selling their prepared specialties.


Why this PLATE is connected to your childhood memories? 

this is a very traditional Haitian dish, it is cook often  in most household throughout the country, with some variations OfF-course. i grew eating duri djon djon , its one of those dishes that was  made mostly on special occasions ; birthday parties, Holiday dinners or even on a sunday evening . we eat dinner early on sundays, sometimes as early as three in the afternoon because most of the time my Grandma  would want the evening off from the kitchen , perhaps to take me  for a promenade to the park or to the cinema for the latest realese or maybe just an afternoon sitting on the portch whatching the evening unfold.

1 cup white rice
1 whole scotch bonnet chili
1/8lb rock shrimps
6Tb spoon muddled aromatic :(Scallion , garlic , shallots),  set aside 4 Tb spoons for tge the broth. 
1cup of fava beans peeled (or spring peas)
2 cup djon djon broth  
(Reduced from 2qt ) 
Wash the rice woth cold water till the water runs clear and drain in a strainer . 
In a sauce pan , Add 1Tb olive oil , 2 Tb muddled aromatics and sweat  for one minute amd add the rice , stir well untile the rixe is coaded woth the aromatics and add tge reduced broth the whole scotch bonnet the shrimp and the fava beans and strir once more to make sure the mixture is spread evenly then cove lr woth a lid and cook on low heat fo 20 minutes .
Allow the rice to rest for at least 10 minutes before serving
2 cups djon djon
2 qts vegetable or shrimp stock (or water)
4 Tb spoon muddled aromatics
Salt to taste
1 ts dried shrimps
Method : 
Sweat the muddled aromatics in 2 tb spoons of olive oil using a sauce pot on meduim heat  , add the dried shrimps after One minute and allow the dried shrimp to bloom for an aditional 3 minutes while stiring the mixture consistantly . Next add the dried djon djon ( mushroom) and sweat for an other minuted then add in the shrimp  stock or the stock of your choice . simmed for 25 minutes , strain and reduce the broth down to 2 cups .