Alida and Oliviero Borgna

¨Alida Borgna and Oliviero grew up with the passion of food in a beautiful and loving family. Half italian and half American. I met them when I was shooting Kamel Satchi and his wonderfull breads. Their beauty and love for food is really contagious. They invite me to their home and cook a wild catch for me¨ They grew up hunting and very very close to food.

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ALIDA: "Giada, We grow up going with il babbo hunting upstate
Every holiday at our house is a celebration and we were always cooking together big meals and inviting people to enjoy. 

Pain de Méture:


1000 grams of corn flour
1400 grams of hot water (  100 degrees celsius : boiled water) 
30 grams of salt

850 grams of fermented dough  ( ask your baker for some) 
850 grams of stiff sourdough (ask your baker for some)

If they don’t have stiff sourdough , just use 1700g of fermented dough

1 cabbage

Cast iron pot with lid  (size : diameter 14 cm) 

Mix 3 to 5 Minutes the water, the salt and the corn flour with a kitchen aid on speed 1 ( use the hook) or by hand with a spoon or spatula until the mix is homogeneous. 

Let it cool down 30 Minutes to reach a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius . 

Add the stiff sourdough and the fermented dough and mix 5 to 7 Minutes with a kitchen aid on speed 1 ( use the hook) or by hand until the mix is homogeneous. 

Let the dough proof for one hour and a half in a container and under a wet dish towel. 

Blanched some cabbages leaves in salted boiled water for 5 minutes

Grease the cast iron pot

Cover the bottom with a cabbage leave

With a spoon or spatula, put 600g of dough in the cast iron and cover them with the lid

Let them rest 15 to 20 Minutes

Bake 45 minutes at 240 degrees Celsius

Remove the bread from the cast iron and let them cool down on top of  a grid.